Meet The Team

We are an external commercial team, a group of talented

people, each a true professional in his/her work. Our team is

ready to respond instantly to work alerts no matter what time it is.

We build friendly bonds with our partners and even join them

in their corporate party.

Competent professionals are welcome to join our team.

Let’s create together.

JobVideo Production Expert

The greatest fan of Adobe After Effect.

He takes great pleasure in working with customers

to get at the heart of their message and weave it

into a creative, visual treatment.

When not on set or in the edit bay,

you can find Bob snowboarding

in the highest mountains.


Obsessive about creating the best

illustrations and telling stories with them.

Berta loves trying new things

to keep her creative juices flowing.

In her spare time she likes to draw in her small studio

and enjoy sunny weekends outdoors.

JobMotion Graphic Designer

Ben helps customers to visualize their own

mission and vision through motion graphic design.

He is maniacal about on-time delivery.

Loves spending his weekends watching

the latest animated movies to combine the

pleasure and knowledge.

JobUI / Graphic Designer

Becky has been dedicated to graphic design

since childhood. Lifelong curiosity has expanded

her skill set to include web design

in Figma and Adobe XD, etc.

She loves snuggling with her poodle

and making delicious lattes for the team.

JobDigital Marketing Expert

Bryan joined our team with deep insights and

understanding of Video Marketing, SEO, SMM,

SEM and website maintenance.

He is skilled in building strategies for successful

inbound marketing campaigns. He maintains Burnwe’s

social presence and sets up PPC campaigns.

Out of the office you can find him playing guitar,

and exploring the mysteries of the universe.

JobCreative Writer

Belle enjoys working one-on-one with clients

and getting deep down into the bones of their

businesses to effectively communicate their stories.

She is highly skilled in content marketing and storytelling.

Lover of short-form content. When she manages to make

it out of the office, Belle likes to read, take photos and

spend time with friends.


A savvy, forward-thinking animated website

developer specializing in NoteJS and React JS.

He knows all the secrets of making high

performance, good looking animated websites.

His favorite things to do outside of work

are playing video games and woodworking

at his house-backyard.

JobBusiness Development Expert

Briana has a strong passion

for communication and networking.

Enjoys helping clients unearth their true

challenges and find effective solutions.

She helps to identify, evaluate and design

plans and generate new leads

that help Burnwe grow.

In her spare time, she likes to travel

around the world, exploring new cultures,

spending time at the beach.

JobTalent Acquisition Specialist

Morning person.

A true psychologist and

the motto of Burnwe team.

She is the reason that we have the

most wonderful team to grow and develop

the company. When Beatriz isn’t

in the office, she can be found baking

gluten-free desserts or exploring

art galleries, live music venues, or

finding a new favorite happy hour spot.

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